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Finally, we can purchase fuel at lower prices in Iceland

The opening of Costco's first warehouse in Iceland has really stirred the monopoly pot.  The Icelandic oil companies have for decades sold us overpriced fuel and gotten away with it.  They have even been fined severely for breaking the law by agreeing on fixed prices and market share. Finally, the public has a chance to show them that we are fed up with this.  Everyone is purchasing fuel at Costco....or…


Summer is just around the corner

How about that?  Summer will arrive shortly.  Should have started weeks ago but its Iceland, we never know what we're going to get. According to Wikipedia we have a temperate climate.  It sure does not feel like that these days. All of us are looking forward to at least one sunny day per week this summer.  It's all we ask for.  Please God. The days are getting longer and longer…