About us

It’s all about the experience. We realize that it’s not enough to just drive you from a-b. We like to think that with us you get a little bit more. Give us a chance and come with us on a journey that you will never forget.


My name is Fridjon or Friðjón in Icelandic. I am born in Reykjavik in 1976 on 2.nd of October. I have been working as a tour guide for about 2 years now and recently I graduated as an authorized tour guide from the Iceland Tourist Guide School. This education takes one winter, about 9 months and is very challenging. Unfortunately, anyone can work as a tour guide in Iceland but we are asking our parliament to change that. I love my job. I love taking our visitors around my beautiful country and explaining why we live here and how we survive. I hope you join me on one or more tours and get to know me and my country.


Information about us:

Icelandic Settlement Tours ehf / AirportTaxiTours.is

Kt.: 450917-0440 & 021076-4579

Address: Melsel 2

Postal code: 109 Reykjavik – Iceland

Phone: +354-779-0900



All our drivers are authorized drivers by the transportation authority of Iceland.