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Burial Rites Private Tour

Burial Rites Private Tour

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The Last Execution in Iceland 

Agnes Magnusdottir & Fridrik Sigurdsson were the last to be executed in Iceland. 


The amazing saga of Agnes 

On this tour, we discuss the saga of Agnes and her last days. We see some of the sites where the events of the story took place.


Who was Natan? 

Like so many before him and many since, Natan was dashingly handsome and charming. He was a womanizer, had been having an affair with a married woman for years. 


Fridrik & Sigridur 

The young couple, so much in love but twisted in a web of lies, deceit and murder


The tour:

We start the tour from Reykjavik and head West, towards the small peninsula Vatnsnes. We pass through the small town of Hvammstangi on our way to the location where the remains of the farm, Illugastadir, are still standing. We visualize how the farm must have been in the past. We try to put our selves in the shoes of Agnes. How difficult it must have been for her to realize that she had been misled. How angry & jealous she must have been. We also visit the grave of Agnes & Fridrik and the location of the execution. While driving we discuss Burial Rites and the history of Iceland and the society in the century. 



We drive to Hvammstangi and to the farm of Illugastadir. We see the remains of Natan’s farm and his brother’s farm and the current farm. We visit the grave of Agnes and Fridrik, where the remains were taken and buried after they were found. On our way to Þrístapar, were they were executed, we stop at Hvitserkur which is a beautiful rock formation. From there we go to Borgarvirki – a fortress made by nature. We arrive at Thristapar and see the memorial of the execution. From there we head back and on our way we visit Kolugljufur, a beautiful and magnificent canyon. 



Reykjavik – Hvammstangi – Illugastadir – Tjorn – Hvitserkur – Vatnsendi – Borgarvirki – Thristapar – Kolugljufur canyon – Reykjavik


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