A photo by Thomas Tucker. unsplash.com/photos/-HPhkZcJQNk

Premium Northern Lights Private Tour-old

579 1-3 pax
  • 4-7 pax @ 724 EUR
  • Depart from Reykjavik
  • Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Icelandic Glacial Water

Premium Northern Lights Private Tour 


Make the most out of your visit to Iceland in vinter and allow your self a little luxury. Order a private northern lights tour with us!


When is it best to see Auroras?

We get this question every day. According to observations you are twice as likely to see auroras around the equinoxes. On average, the months of September/October and March/April are often the best.


Are Auroras visible all year round?

Auroras are readily visible from late August until late April. We do have daylight here 24/7 in May, June & July. 


At what time do Auroras appear?

On average they can be seen from dusk till dawn but they most often appear around 11 o’clock pm (23.00)


What causes Auroras?

Sun storms that interact with earth’s atmosphere is what causes Aurora Borealis.


Why are they different in strength and color? 

The particles that interact with our atmosphere are charged. The color and the strength depends on how deep into our atmosphere these particles get.


Does the moon affect the visibility of the Northern Lights? 

We want to enjoy the northern lights in darkness. The bright light of the moon has effect on the visibility of the Aurora Borealis. It’s not much but still, hey, turn it off.