The Golden Circle & The Blue Lagoon

Golden Circle & Blue Lagoon Private Tour

1376 1-3 pax
  • 4-7 pax @ 1.810 EUR
  • Mercedes Benz

Golden Circle & the Blue Lagoon


Come with us on the Golden Circle Private Tour which ends with a rejuvenating stop at the Blue Lagoon 



To take a private tour with us on the golden circle is an unforgettable memory of your travels in Iceland.  We cover all the major attractions of southwest Iceland, starting with a drive to the national park of Thingvellir, where the first settlers of our great country established our parliament in the year 930.  Althingi, our parliament is the oldest working parliament in the world.  At Thingvellir, we invite you to walk through the ravine of Almannagja.  When walking through the ravine, people have said that you are walking between the two continental plates. We do not want to ruin a good experience by babbling some extremely accurate geographical facts but we will if you want. Thingvellir is considered one of the best places in Iceland to see the effects of the separation of the two continental plates and how the rift valley appears.    



We arrive at the waterfall of all waterfalls, Gullfoss. Gullfoss is often referred to as the Queen of Icelandic waterfalls. It has a 32 meter drop through three stalls and then into a very deep ravine. 



We drive on to Geysir, the world’s most famous hot spring. Currently, Strokkur (Geysir’s smaller brother) is the only one that is erupting but does so in a spectacular way every few minutes.  


The world’s best Tomato soup?

Fridheimar tomato farm has proven to be one of the main attractions on the golden circle. We offer you to stop there for lunch on our golden circle tour. At Fridheimar you sit down in a beautiful greenhouse full of tomatoes and bumble bees. It really is a once in a lifetime experience. We hope that you enjoy this part of the tour with us.  




The Blue Lagoon 

 When we have finished our lunch at Fridheimar tomato farm, we head towards the Blue Lagoon. The time should be about 14.30 pm when we drive and it takes 1 hour and 40 minutes to drive to the lagoon. We should be there by 16.30 pm. Make sure that you make a reservation for your group at the suitable time. Please consult with us, as this is based on summer road conditions. We wait for you for 1,5 hours from the time we leave you at the check in to the lagoon. If you want more time, that is no problem against extra charge.