Kirkjufell & Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall

Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Private Tour
$ 1499 For 1-7 passengers
  • Contact us for prices for larger groups
  • Borgarnes & the Settlement museum
  • Raudfeldsgja ravine
  • Arnarstapi village
  • Hellnar village
  • Londrangar
  • Djupalonssandur black sand beach
  • Kirkjufell mountain & waterfall
  • Optional lava cave
  • Optional shark museum

Duration: 12+ hours approximately

Included: Pick up and drop off in the capital area.

Not-included: Food, beverages, activities & entrance fees, unless specified.

Important: The prices are quoted per vehicle, not per passenger. 


The Snaefellsnes Peninsula 


Jules Verne wrote about the Snaefellsnes Glacier in his novel ,,Journey to the center of the earth”. 

We take you to this extraordinary peninsula which has often been referred to as little Iceland.


The Snæfellsjökull National Park was established in 2001.  It stands at the foot of a volcano and glacier and it’s the only park that reaches from shore to the mountaintop.  The glacier is world famous from Jules Verne’s book Journey to the Center of the Earth.  The glacier is also an active volcano and is 1.446 m high.  Many people believe in its mysterious powers and are certain that the glacier is indeed the secret base for Alien life on earth. How about you? The view from the top is unbelievable and breathtaking.  Come with us on a journey to the center of the earth. 

The world famous author, Jules Verne(8.2.1828-24.3.1905) wrote his masterpiece novel in 1864. The story begins in May 1863, in Germany. Professor Lidenbrock has bought an original runic manuscript of Heimskringla, written by Snorri Sturluson(1179-1241) one of our greatest authors. When looking through the manuscript, he finds a coded message. The message, after being decoded reveals a passage to the center of the earth through the Snæfellsnes Glacier in Iceland. 


The tour:

We start early from Reykjavik and drive towards Borgarnes. We stop at the Settlement center in Borgarnes for two exhibitions about the settlement of Iceland and one of our greatest viking heroes, Egill Skallagrimsson. A very nice vegetable buffet lunch is an option after the exhibition. 


The church at Budir is phenomenal in its beauty. The church was built in 1848. In the church there is a bell from 1672 and an altarpiece from 1750. We make a short stop and take a good look at this beautiful church.


Raudfeldsgja is a ravine with a beautiful waterfall. Bardur Snaefellsas, who was part troll had a daughter named Helga. She was once playing with her two uncles and somehow got on an iceberg that drifted from shore and vanished. Bardur became so furious that he took the two boys and threw them off the top of the mountain, into the ravine. Since then the ravine has been called Raudfeldsgja, after one of the boys but his name was Raudfeldur. There is a bit of a hike up to the ravine but it is worth it if you are able. This stop is only made during summer and if weather permits.


From Raudfeldsgja we head to Arnarstapi fishing village where we will make a stop and walk along the sea cliffs that are filled with birds.


Londrangar – a beautiful 75 meter high basalt rock on the beach.


Next stop is Djupalonssandur a beautiful black sand beach. The beach was used by fishermen of the past when rowing out to fish.


The mountain of Kirkjufell(463m) is the most popular place of Snæfellsnes. It is a beautiful mountain and one of the most photographed mountain in Iceland. The waterfall, Kirkjufellsfoss, is also very beautiful. We will stop there and walk around.