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Airport Taxi Tours

With us, your dreams come true!

Check out some of our private tours below:

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What our customers say

“I took a 3 day tour of the South coast of Iceland with Fridjon as the tour guide. I considered renting a car and taking this tour by myself. I’m very glad I didn’t or I would have missed out on all the great commentary and insightful facts about the local culture from a very proud Icelander.

Coming to Iceland in January meant very little daylight in which to see the amazing natural wonders the country has to offer. But Fridjon did his best to ensure we saw as much of the beautiful landscape as we could in the 5 lighted hours, while filling the additional hours spent in a dark bus with facts and stories of an amazing nation.

I would highly recommend this company if you are considering taking a tour anywhere on the south coast of the island.”

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Rian E


Airport transfers

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Luxury – Mercedes Benz S-Class

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Business Class, Premium & Luxury – Mercedes Benz V-Class

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Economy & Business – Mitsubishi Outlander Hybrid 

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We can accommodate groups from 9 to 19 people 

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On all of our business class, premium & luxury transfers you get a bottle of Icelandic Glacial Water

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Let us pick you up at the airport or take you there from Reykjavik

Going to the Blue Lagoon?

Book your admission through us!

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We can arrange your admission when you book your transfer through us. We make sure to get you there in time. Contact us directly for prices and availability.

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You don’t have to go far to find beautiful waterfalls

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E-MAIL: info(at)airporttaxitours.is

Phone: +354-779-0900

Höfðabakka 9, Reykjavik, 110,ICELAND  


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