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what is the must-see spot in Reykjavik, Iceland and what don't you recommend to visit?

In my oppinion, the Westfjords of Iceland are something that you can not miss, if you have the time. You can cover most of the Westfjords in four to five days, but a week is great. Látrabjarg is the biggest bird cliff in Iceland, 14km / 8,7 miles long and 441 m / 1.447 ft high where it is the highest. The Puffin is there in numbers. Another beautiful area is the South-East coast - the glacier lagoon and the diamond beach. Husavik & beautiful Myvatn. There is nothing in this country that is not worth seeing.

Looking to go during the summer of next year. Any tips for that? What is the best time?

The best time to visit Iceland is of course when the weather is good. I would say June, July and August. That is the safest bet. For the northern lights, the best time is normally October and March, but keep in mind that there is nothing carved in stone when it comes to the northern lights.

When booking our tours & transfers, the booking process is simple and we urge you to contact us for information and planning

We are not complicated people. For us this is only about one thing. How will you see Iceland and will you like what you see? We have a chance to influence this with our planned tours and of course, if you have any idea's in mind we can plan things according to your wishes and ideas. This way, we can pretty much insure that your perception of Iceland will make you want to return and hopefully in numbers.

Some cool tips you should know


The midnight sun is unreal during the summer months .

Use the time to go out, play golf or go sightseeing. Ask us to take you on a Golden Circle during night or to the South Coast. Or just go out walking your self.


Buy food straight from the farm

The farming industry has changed so much during the past twenty years. They are now all in when it comes to the tourism industry. Where ever you get the chance, stop and taste the products they make and sell.


Do not buy beer in supermarkets.

It is not allowed to sell alcohol in supermarkets in Iceland. So, the thing that looks like beer, is actually just pilsner.


If you can hike a little bit, why not go and bathe in geothermal water, in a river on a volcano?

The Reykjadalur area is incredibly popular. The hike is about 45 minutes to the place where you can bathe in the river of hot water and then you hike back down. There is a walking path and this is a part of a volcanic ridge, so be careful to stay on the path.


be polite and patient. try to enjoy the people and the atmosphere of Iceland.

Try to get to know us and what we stand for. Listen to your guide when he gives you the insight to our history and geology and tries to explain why on earth we are living on this island, still. Respect nature and

Smile and enjoy Iceland. Enjoy the tours, listen and talk to people.

The best thing about small group tours is that you get more out of it and the nature does not suffer as much. Don't forget that we can always do our tours during summer as evening and into the night tours. Try something different, participate and get to know us and this magnificent country we live in.