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To guide new and returning visitors around your country is an art. I believe that I am mastering this art with every new group that I meet. I have many years of experience as an educated tour guide and with me are great educated tour guides with similar or more experience. What we have in common is the ambition to make your stay in Iceland the most memorable and enjoyable experience of your lifetime. A huge goal, I know, but we will never succeed unless we aim high. Give us a chance, and if we succeed you will let your friends know. If not, you will let us know and I promise you that we will make amends and learn so that we can always be better.

Who am i?

Iceland is a perfect place for a person like me if you exclude the snow, the rain, the wind and the cold. I love food, I love people. My motto is to work as little as possible and enjoy life as much as possible. In a perfect world, I could focus my time on helping others and exploring what life has planned for me. I have dark humor and love sarcasm. The best tour for me is when I can combine knowledge about Iceland with a lot of humor and leave my customers much happier than when we started.

When I plan my tours, I do try to plan them out so that I can have as much time with you as possible. We have all kinds of activity options but a traditional tour takes place in my luxury Mercedes with me talking and you listening and asking questions that I do try to answer to the best of my ability. I love to talk but the best is when my customers interact and show interest in the thing I love, Iceland. I decided to become a tour guide because I found that I have a passion for this work and for meeting new people from all over the world. During winter I do multiple day tours with a mini bus full of people from all over the world. We are driving, talking about history, exploring ice caves, walking on glaciers and eating good food together.

This job really is the best in the world. I do hope that you will be blessed with me as your tour guide.

Kirkjufell & Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall

Tailormade Just For You

We Provide Special Tours
And Events Across Iceland.

Sometimes, our tours are too long or not completely what you are looking for. Perhaps you are looking for something extra special. You might have a bigger group or an event that you need help planning. 

This Is Our Passion

Iceland and everything about it is what makes us tick. Allow us to help you plan the perfect holiday.

Learn everything about Iceland

We certainly do not know everything, but what we do not know, we can find out and share with you. 

Great People. Amazing Tours. Beautiful Iceland.

What We Can Offer You

We are ambitious and we are perfectionists. We love planning and organizing great tours for our customers world wide. Meeting new people is what we love and seeing those smiles and the happiness that our country and our guides give, is simply invaluable. 


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Our guides are educated and certified tour guides.


Flexible Cancellation

You can cancel for a full refund up to 24 hours prior to your tour starting time.


Five stars

We are constantly learning and our ambition is set for your five star review.


Suitable for large groups

We accept all sizes of groups.


photography tours

We can arrange perfect photography tours.


advanced trips

Something extraordinary.

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Meet The Founder

Fridjon B Gunnarsson

I am a certified tour guide since 2018. I have completed a course in first aid. I have the license to drive cars and buses.

I am a direct descendant of the famous vikings, Ragnar Lodbrok & Harald Finehair. I am absolutely positive on this although I seem to lack a bit of hair where they had plenty. As I get seasick if I think about boats, it seems that perhaps the apple has indeed fallen to far from the tree..


With my daughters

Iceland Settlement Tours ehf.

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