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Westman islands private tour

Westman islands private tour

Westman islands private tour is an excellent day tour where we travel by ferry to the serene Heimaey . The Islands are totally about 15 and about 30 rocks and peaks. The island farthest to the south is Surtsey, which was formed entirely in an underwater eruption in 1963. Surtsey is on Unesco’s World Heritage List since 2008.

Westman islands private tour

Heimaey is the largest island of the Westman islands, 13,4 square km, and the only one of them that is inhabited. The total population today is about 4.200 souls, making it the 12.th largest populated area in Iceland, but before the eruption in 1973 there were over 5.000 souls living there.

The eruption 

On January 23.rd 1973 an eruption started in Heimaey during middle of the night. Luckily, the fishing fleet was in the harbour so the evacuation could start immediately. The US Army also helped with airplanes and helicopters. Nearly everyone were transported to Reykjavik. Over 60% of all houses in the town were damaged or ruined. Nearly 1/3 of all houses went under lava. During the eruption 11 streets went under lava. The volcano, Eldfell or fire hill as it translates to, is now standing tall and the lava from it enlarged the island by 3 square KM. Only one man died from gas poisoning as a result of the eruption. 

The tour: 

We start by picking you up from your place of stay. Then we head out of Reykjavik and make our way towards Landeyjahöfn, the harbor where we will sail from. The ferry ride takes about 45 minutes and is best enjoyed during the summer months, although this tour is available all year round. When we arrive to Heimaey, the largest of the Westman islands and the only one that is inhabited, we will start by visiting the museums, Eldheimar, Saeheimar & Sagnheimar. We will have lunch and then continue our sightseeing of the island. There are multiple other options, just contact us for further information. We also offer you the option of staying over night in the island, that changes the overall price of the tour and adds hotel cost.


In this magnificent museum we will get to know everything about the eruption of 1973, the only eruption that has occurred in a town in Iceland. This museum is a must see for every tourist that takes this journey to the Westman Islands.


Are you interested in birds and marine life? Then this is something for you. We get to know everything about Puffins! Who does not love Puffins? We make a stop there and enjoy this fantastic museum.


History buff, that is what I am. Love museums like this. Come with me and get to know everything about the saga of the Westman Islands and the people that have lived there for centuries.

Does Iceland really have crazy weather?

Please keep in mind that the tour changes during the winter months, from October until April. It is impossible due to daylight conditions to operate the tour with as many stops as during summer. We do try our best though.

During winter, we recommend that you do this tour as a two day tour, which is brilliant because that gives you the option of hunting for the northern lights.

Spending an extra day during summer is also a great idea. Contact us for further information.

You can also check out our FAQ page if you have any questions and if you do not find what you are looking for there, please CONTACT us.

If you need more information about south Iceland you can find it HERE or ask us.

Westman islands private tour is hopefully a tour that you will enjoy and never forget.

  • Landeyjahöfn
  • Heimaey
  • Sæheimar
  • Eldheimar
  • Sagnheimar
  • Puffins


Tour start - depart Reykjavik

Time : 8:00 am

drive for 1 hour & 55 minutes

Arrive at Landeyjahöfn

Time : 10:10 am

sail for 45 minutes

Arrive at Heimaey

Time : 11:30 am

stop for 6 hours

Arrive at Landeyjahöfn

Time : 6:50 pm

drive for 2 hours

Arrive at Reykjavik

Time : 9:00 pm

end of tour

  • Pick up and drop off in the capital area.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Iceland Glacial Water


Important: The prices are quoted per vehicle, not per passenger.

  • Food, beverages & entrance fees, unless specified.

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