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Burial Rites Private Tour
The author of Burial Rites, Hannah Kent

About the author:

Burial Rites Private Tour: A young girl was living in Sauðárkrókur in Skagafjörður. She was an exchange student from Australia. She heard the story of the last execution that took place in Iceland in 1830. Hannah Kent wrote her first novel about the events that ultimately led to the beheading of two young people for the murder of Natan Ketilsson and another man. The story became a bestseller. The rights to make a movie based on the book were bought by Jennifer Lawrence and she will play the lead role.

The tour takes us back through curtains of time to the last execution that took place in Iceland, on a cold January(12.th) day in the year 1830.  Agnes Magnusdottir & Fridrik Sigurdsson were the last people to be executed in Iceland. The saga of Agnes and her last days will be our topic and we see some of the sites where the events of the story took place. 

The tour starts from Reykjavik and we head North-West, towards the small peninsula Vatnsnes.

On the way we pass through the small town of Hvammstangi on our way to the location where the remains of the farm, Illugastadir, are still standing.

We visualize how the farm must have been in the past. We try to put our selves in the shoes of Agnes.

How difficult it must have been for her to realize that she had been misled. How angry & jealous she must have been.

We also visit the grave of Agnes & Fridrik and the location of the execution. While driving we discuss Burial Rites and the history of Iceland and the society in the 19.th century.

We visit the grave of Agnes and Fridrik, where the remains were taken and buried after they were found. On our way to Þrístapar, were they were executed, we stop at Hvitserkur which is a beautiful rock formation. From there we go to Borgarvirki, a fortress made by nature. We arrive at Thristapar and see the memorial of the execution. From there we head back and on our way we visit Kolugljufur, a beautiful and magnificent canyon.

Does Iceland really have crazy weather?

Please keep in mind that the tour changes during the winter months, from October until April. It is impossible due to daylight conditions to operate the tour with as many stops as during summer. We do try our best though.

During winter, we recommend that you do this tour as a two day tour, which is brilliant because that gives you the option of hunting for the northern lights.

Spending an extra day during summer is also a great idea. Contact us for further information.

You can also check out our FAQ page if you have any questions and if you do not find what you are looking for there, please CONTACT us.

If you need more information about north Iceland you can find it HERE or ask us.

Burial Rites Private Tour is hopefully a tour that you will enjoy and never forget.

  • Borgarnes
  • Borgarfjörður
  • Hrútafjörður
  • Hvammstangi
  • Vatnsnes
  • Illugastaðir
  • Tjörn
  • Þrístapar
  • Borgarvirki
  • Hvítserkur
  • Kolugljúfur


Tour start - depart Reykjavik

Time : 8:00 am

drive for 3 hours

Arrive at Illugastaðir

Time : 11:00 am

stop for 45 minutes

Arrive at Tjörn

Time : 12:00 pm

stop for 45 minutes

Arrive at Hvitserkur

Time : 1:30 pm

stop for 45 minutes

Arrive at Borgarvirki

Time : 2:45 pm

Stop for 45 minutes

Arrive at Þrístapar

Time : 4:00 pm

Stop for 45 minutes

Arrive at Kolugljúfur

Time : 5:15 pm

stop for 45 minutes

Arrive at Reykjavik

Time : 9:00 pm

end of tour

  • Pick up and drop off in the capital area.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Iceland Glacial Water


Important: The prices are quoted per vehicle, not per passenger.

  • Food, beverages & entrance fees, unless specified.

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