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Borgarfjordur The Saga Krauma & The Caves
Snowmobile on the second largest glacier in Iceland

Borgarfjordur The Saga Krauma & The Caves

On the tour Borgarfjordur The Saga Krauma & The Caves we hear how Iceland’s contribution to the world are it’s saga’s. The Icelandic Saga’s are an endless source of information of life as it was in the settlement age and until the end of the commonwealth of Iceland in 1264. Snorri’s Edda – is the most important source that we have of Nordic mythology and is believed to be written by Snorri in the 12.th century. Snorri also wrote the saga of the Norwegian kings in Heimskringla. It is also believed that he is indeed the author of the saga of Egill Skallagrímsson. Snorri lived in Reykholt, Borgarfjörður. We will drive past his home and see his hot pool.

Borgarfjordur The Saga Krauma & The Caves
Into the glacier

The tour:

We begin our tour early when we depart Reykjavik. We head out of the city on our way to the north-west. We drive directly to Húsafell, a beautiful oasis close to our second largest glacier Langjokull. At Husafell, there is an opportunity to use restrooms and get coffee and refreshments. During the winter season, from mid October until June 1.st, there is a bus that takes the group from Húsafell to the entrance to the ice tunnel. We start by having a tour of the tunnel. After that we get to ride snowmobiles on the glacier for thirty minutes. The total time from Húsafell and back there again is about 4 hours.

Borgarfjordur The Saga Krauma & The Caves

When we are back to Húsafell, we take you to the largest cave in Iceland, Víðgelmir for a fantastic cave explorer tour. (The cave tour takes 1,5 hours)  

Borgarfjordur The Saga Krauma & The Caves

Well, we are not done yet. The waterfalls are waiting. Hraunfossar(lava falls) and Barnafoss(children’s fall) are extraordinary waterfalls on the way back. We will make a quick stop to enjoy this natural phenomenon. ( We stop there for 30 minutes) 

Borgarfjordur The Saga Krauma & The Caves
Krauma, Deildartunguhver

Krauma natural spa is a new experience for tired travelers. The hot water coming from Europe’s most powerful hot spring, Deildartunguhver, will completely take all tension out of your body and relax you after a delightful day. (We stop at Krauma for 1,5 hours) From Krauma we head back to Reykjavik and estimate our arrival there late in the evening. 

Does Iceland really have crazy weather?

Please keep in mind that the tour changes during the winter months, from October until April. It is impossible due to daylight conditions to operate the tour with as many stops as during summer. We do try our best though.

During winter, we recommend that you do this tour as a two day tour, which is brilliant because that gives you the option of hunting for the northern lights.

Spending an extra day during summer is also a great idea. Contact us for further information.

You can also check out our FAQ page if you have any questions and if you do not find what you are looking for there, please CONTACT us.

If you need more information about the area you can find it HERE or ask us.

Borgarfjordur The Saga Krauma & The Caves is hopefully a tour that you will enjoy and never forget.

  • Into the glacier
  • Víðgelmir lava cave
  • Hraunfossar
  • Barnafoss
  • Krauma


Tour start - depart Reykjavik

Time : 7:30 am

drive for 2 hours

Arrive at Húsafell

Time : 9:30 am

stop for 30 minutes

Arrive at Ice-Tunnel

Time : 10:30 am

stop for 4 hours

Arrive at Húsafell

Time : 2:30 pm

stop for 30 minutes

Arrive at Víðgelmir

Time : 3:30 pm

stop for 2 hours

Arrive at Hraunfossar

Time : 6:00 pm

stop for 30 minutes

Arrive at Krauma

Time : 6:20 pm

stop for 1,5 hours

Arrive to Reykjavik

Time : 9:30 pm

end of tour

  • Pick up and drop off in the capital area.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Iceland Glacial Water


Important: The prices are quoted per vehicle, not per passenger.

  • Food, beverages & entrance fees, unless specified.
  • Into the glacier snowmobile and ice-tunnel combo 4 hours @ 29.900 ISK / 205 USD pr. adult
  • Cave explorer 1,5 hours @ 6.500 ISK / 45 USD pr.adult
  • Admission to Krauma @4.000 ISK / 27 USD pr.adult

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