Nature's beauty has no limits!


It is possible to take a day tour with us that takes you through a part of the Icelandic Westfjords. Are you interested?

Swim in this pool

This swimming pool is located at the beach, very close to the location where the Hollywood movie, Justice Leaque was shot.

The easy life

The time seems to stand still in these small towns of Westfjords. Everything is calmer and you cannot see any stress, anywhere. People go home for lunch and enjoy each other’s company.

Whale watching

In Steingrimsfjordur, you can see a lot of beautiful whales. There are tours everyday during summer and we offer you the option of including that in your tour with us.


Come with us on a journey towards the Westfjords of Iceland. Obviously, it’s hard to offer a complete tour to the Westfjords, that would just take about four days. So we offer you the express type, where we take you to Holmavik, one of the Westfjords most beautiful village. From there, we can go to Drangsnes, where you can take a free(yes, I said FREE) bath in hot tubs by the ocean side. From Drangsnes it’s possible to go all the way to Djupavik which is the location for the newest hollywood blockbuster, Justice Leaque, that starred Ben Affleck. Or we can just stay around Holmavik, take a whale watching tour(during summer only) or horseback riding. On some occations, grandpa and grandma are in the cottage and we can stop by and have pancakes and coffee. A beautiful part of the Westfjords and definately worth it to take a quick look.